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Do you know which one of your team members needs coffee and a chat?

The Team-o-Meter Guide

You have ways of keeping a tab on the well-being of your team. Body language, tone of voice, taking part. But are these really giving you what you need to know?

Honest engagement that reflects the state of mind of team members and draws out opinions on their projects, their progress and their engagement is what you need for your team.

That is why we created the Team-o-Meter. It is a fun, interactive, low-tech but highly effective method of creating a safe space for your team to be honest about their state of mind. It creates a humorous way for the team to share their thoughts without a single person being seen as a negative influence or a people-pleaser.

PoPIA: The 8 Conditions for Lawful Processing of Personal Information

You will learn

  • what is key to successful teams, 
  • how to “read” your team, and
  • how to use the Team-o-Meter, with examples,

Included are both a portable and a wall-mounted version of the Team-o-Meter template.

The Team-o-Meter

is a Quick Guide and Template to gauge the state of mind of your team.

It is FREE

to make to make it easier to create team-engagement and ensure you achieve exceptional results.

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